Exhibition Views / Milkshake 3 @ Melklokaal

Milkshake 3, the black and white painting show
15.01 – 19.02. 2017
Article “Dat smaakt naar meer”, Leeuwarder Courant

The serie of work of mine on show here ‘black and white paintings’ are inspired by the colour theory of the German romanticist Philipp Otto Runge, he invented the colour globe. The equator is the well-known colour wheel with the primary red, yellow and blue. On this globe the poles are black and white, the result is a richer representation of the hue’s.

In this exhibition the works will be shown not only as paintings, but more as protagonists in a theater. An actor who plays several roles and who can transform an object – the role into a subject, and I would like to see my works as acting subjects or as figurants.

01. Black and White Milkshake (5389) web

Black and white II

Black and white III

Black and white IV

Black and white V

Black and white VI

Black and white VII

Black and white VIII

Black and white IX

Black and white X