Exhibition Views / Zomerexpo Water 2017 @ Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

Zomerexpo 2017, Museum de Fundatie Zwolle
24.05 – 20.08. 2017
foto’s by Peter Tijhuis, “ArtWorlds 2017”

Carol taught me to ride the waves in to shore. (…) I became a gliding sea-mammal. Fierce, arbitrary waves of green tons escaped out the other side of the complicated mechanics of things not being what they seemed so that finally even my instincts altered and what had before been certain death became a toy, greeted calmly with a relaxed look over the top for perhaps a bigger one (Eve Babitz, Eve’s Hollywood: 51).

zomerexpo overzicht II

Zomerexpo overzicht

untitled (surfer)

surfer and artist