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The Merchant of Dreams Show, Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy

The Merchant of Dreams Show, part II: from April 30 to 18 May, at Primo Piano LivinGallery, Viale G. Marconi 4 Lecce, Italy

“Coinciding with the European Film Festival in Lecce, Italy, the Primo Piano LivinGallery is offering an exhibit that pays homage to the world of the imaginary collective. The show takes as its departure point the Shakespearen quote that men are the stuff of dreams. In fact, the artworks will all emerge from the realm of imagination… memories, nightmares and visions will merge with reality to become a single, melancholy dream.

Devided ino two parts like a movie, The Merchant of Dreams consists of a director of cinema (the curator who writes the texts) a backstage and set (the gallery), a cast of excellent actors (artists), extraordinary participation (interview with film professionals or artists), performance(unpublished professional groups or individual performers), and cult objects (the works)…” (Dores Sacquegna, curator)

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