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Teach me a new language @ Tetem, Enschede

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Teach me a new language
TETEM kunstruimte – Enschede (NL)

Drawing is a language that is universally readable and can be expressed in various ways: not only in the drawing style, but also in its experimental forms. Curated by the artist duo Kruisdijk/Kuilboer (Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer), ‘Teach me a new language’ presents an inter visual universe of drawings in the languages of the following artists:

Steven Baelen, Paul Beumer, Quinta Bies, Marcel van Eeden, Paulien Follings, Bas Kosters, Henrik Kröner, Femmy Otten, Kars Persoon, Abner Preis, Sebastiaan Schlicher and Charlotte Schleiffert.

The diversity in drawing is just one of many starting-points of the exhibition. In addition to a selection of (inter)national artists that are active both within and outside the field of drawing, the exhibition has a strong link with the art academy AKI ArtEZ Enschede. How does the work of the artists who have been educated at the AKI relate to that of the other exhibitors? Is there a clear AKI visual language or is the diversity a recognizable motif in the work of all the participants?

This exhibition is part of Drawing Front: the nationwide manifestation for contemporary drawing, initiated by Kunstvereniging Diepenheim / Drawing Centre Diepenheim in collaboration with 20 art spaces all over the Netherlands.

10/03/2016 – 08/05/2016
Opening: Sunday 13 March at 15:00 with the performance ’Sending beauty’ by Abner Preis

TETEM kunstruimte
Stroinksbleekweg 16
7523 ZL Enschede

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