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Artist Statement 2015


Recent work

In these works I use colored pencils on unprepared, squared canvas. The series is a study of color and perception. My starting point is that color is a surface that reflects light. Furthermore, the covered exhibition wall shines through the thin fabric.
The different areas of light reflections change the painting as the spectator walks by. Seen from an oblique angle the colors are the strongest. If you are standing in front of the work, color will lose its intensity. I think my ideal spectator as someone who takes time and gets all sort of inspirations.

… or an ode to boredom.
As an artist I see boredom as a source of inspiration. Things can grow out of the ennui. As a young student I started in math class with drawing the squares in my exercise book.
However, some transformations always take place. So I don’t use paper but canvas with a woven grid that is similar to paper, it’s transparent and has a special material expression and when the fabric is stretched on a frame, the grid will get deformed.

Henrik Kröner 2015

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